Sealant Films Market Growth of the Market over 2028


A sealant can be defined as a material that can be used to block the path of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials. There are many types of sealants ranging from weak or strong to flexible or rigid. Although sealants and adhesives are used interchangeably, there are considerable differences between both. Opposed to adhesives, sealants have higher elongation but lower strength. Sealants mostly are used to fill gaps and resist relative movement of substrates. Like sealants, sealant films are also inert.

The sealant films market is fairly consolidated in nature. The market is marked by the presence of several small- and large-scale players who compete on the basis of price and product differentiation. Companies operating in the sealant films market are involved in research and development to find new material and application areas.

For example, Borealis AG recently developed TD310BF, TD315BF and TD309BF heat seal grades that provide excellent thickness profile, whereas Jindal Films has launched Metallyte 28 MH 388-ES, a multi-layer, cavitated, white metallised film with high seal strength and enhanced heat sealable layer. The efforts of key market entities have drastically improved the quality of sealant films and opened new areas for their application. With the aforementioned developments in the sealant films market, the sale of sealant films is expected to surge and provide positive push for the market in the years to come.

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Market Taxonomy

The global sealant films market has been segmented as follows –

On the basis of material type, the global sealant films market has been segmented as – PP, PE, Others; On the basis of end-use application, the global sealant films market has been segmented as – Cosmetics, Electronics, Stationery, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Others;

Research Methodology

The title “Sealant Films Market” has been chosen owing to its contribution to the packaging and automotive industries. Most of the industries are now adopting sealant films to seal materials more reliably. In addition, the sealant films market is expected to present multi-million dollar incremental opportunity over the forecast period. For the sealant films market study, various parameters of demand and supply side have been taken into account.

Among the major factors, their manufacturing has been tracked. Import-Export data for the same has been analyzed to arrive at the market size. Moreover, individual companies and major market players in the sealant films market are also studied to triangulate the market size. The competition and innovations in the sealant films market have also been taken into account in addition to the investments made in the sealant films market. Moreover, the market numbers have also been validated by industry experts through primary interviews.

Global Sealant Films Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global sealant films market are POLIFILM, Bemis Company, Inc., Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd., Ester Industries Ltd., E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Winpak Films Inc., NEXT Generation Films Inc., Uflex Limited, Cadillac Products Packaging Company, Plastic Suppliers, Inc., Borealis AG, Jindal Films, COVINIL S.A., Nihon Matai Co.,Ltd., Toray Industries Inc., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd., TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Tissuemed Ltd., and TOYO HEISEI POLYMER CO., LTD.

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Future Prospects

The perceived benefits of sealant films such as oxidation & ozone resistance, excellent thermal & weather stability, high gas permeability, physiological inertness and extreme low temperature flexibility make them ideal for industries ranging from packaging to automotive. Thus, the many advantages sealant films provide against traditional methods is expected to entice the demand for sealant films. Moreover, these sealant films are quite easy to use, which is also expected to boost the growth of sealant films market.

While the market is expected to ascend in the next few years, there are certain challenges too. Stringent government regulations over concerns about environmental damage is expected to emerge as a major restraint for sealant films market. Owing to such stringent regulations, the key market players have funneled their R&D expenditure to innovate bio-based products. Market opportunity can thus be found with bio-based products that have low carbon footprint over their synthetic counterparts.

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