Retort Films Market Prevalent Opportunities upto 2028

Retort Process: An Overview

Retort refers to a cooking process which utilizes heat and pressure to cook food in a sealed package. Retort flexible containers have witnessed steady growth in sales in the past decade. The growth in preference for consumer-friendly packaging formats, along with the ongoing shift in preference from rigid to flexible packaging varieties, are expected to play a key role in boosting sales of retort films.

One of the key factors contributing to the growth of the global retort films market, is their advantages over their counterparts such as metal cans. Retort flexible containers are able to enhance the shelf life of the product as much as a metal can. Retort films are widely used for products such as boiled & sterilized products, juices, and ketchup & mayonnaise, among others. Manufacturers of retort films focus on producing high quality microwavable retort films with high gas barrier properties, which helps in enhancing the shelf life of the content, and consumer-friendly easy tear-open features.

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Global retort films market: Segmentation

On the basis of material type, the global retort films market is segmented as – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polyamide (PA), Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Others;

On the basis of application, the global retort films market is segmented as – Boiled/retorted and sterilized products, Juices and concentrates, Food condiments, Hygiene products (wet tissues, shampoo, etc.);

On the basis of region, the global retort films market is segmented as – North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Middle East & Africa, Japan;

Global retort films market: Research methodology

A robust research methodology was adopted to arrive at the market size for the global retort films market. More weightage was given to demand-side analysis to obtain the consumption data for retort films.

Supply-side analysis

The key manufacturers of retort films were identified and their revenues were tracked. The revenues were validated through various sources (paid databases) such as Avention, Factiva, Bloomberg, and Morningstar. The product portfolio were carefully mapped, and the revenue generated from the sales of retort films was estimated. The production capacities of the key players were carefully tracked to arrive at an estimated production data.

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Demand-side analysis

The overall demand and size of the global flexible packaging market from our in-house repository was used to estimate the penetration of films as a product type. The market size for retort films was estimated by determining the penetration of retort process in the overall flexible packaging films market. Primary interviews were conducted with leading industry experts, such as sales and marketing heads, C-level executives, and independent consultants to validate the data obtained from primary as well as desk research, and estimate the global retort film demand.

Global retort films market: Key players

Few of the leading players operating in the global retort films market are – Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Ester Industries Ltd., Kuraray Co., Ltd., Mondi Group Plc;

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