PVC-Free Packaging Market Growth of the Market over 2028

Going PVC-free: An overview

PVC as a material has had turbulent times in terms of market acceptance. The government in many countries have agreed to restrict or ban the use of PVC in packaging and other applications, owing to its negative impact on human health. A number of countries such as Canada, Spain, South Korea, and Czech Republic, among others have decided to ban or restrict PVC packaging. Several cities in the U.S., such as, Rahway, NJ and Glen Cove, New York have mandated that food packaging and utensils be PVC-free.

The state of California has introduced the legislation to ban PVC, in 2009. A number of U.S. states have prohibited the use of certain metals packaging, which are specifically found in PVC packaging. As a result, many manufacturers have introduced PVC-free packaging formats to cater to the rising demand for such items. Give below are a list of PVC bans/restrictions implemented by key countries .

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pvc free packaging market

Global PVC-free packaging market: Segmentation

PVC-Free Packaging Market Segmentation By product type – PVC-free Blisters,PVC-free closures,PVC-free Liners,Others; By end use industry – Food & Beverages,Cooked vegetables,Pasteurized products,Others,Pharmaceutical,Cosmetics & Personal Care,Homecare,Chemical & Fertilizers,Others

Global PVC-free packaging market: Research methodology

A robust methodology was adopted to arrive at the market size for PVC-free packaging. Both supply-side and demand-side analysis were performed for the same.

Supply-side analysis

Revenues of key manufacturers of PVC-free packaging were tracked, along with the segmental revenue generated from the sales of PVC-free packaging. The sources cited for the same include the companies’ annual reports and form-10Ks, along with paid databases.

Demand-side analysis

To arrive at the market size for PVC-free packaging, a number of primary interviews were conducted with industry experts, including C-level executives, sales & marketing heads, and independent consultants, to estimate the demand for PVC-free packaging, as well as the market scenario. The market size for PVC-free packaging was then validated through bottom-up analysis.

Global PVC-free packaging market: Key players

Some of the key players operating in the global PVC-free packaging market are – Crown Holdings, Inc., Amcor Limited, Sacmi Group, Tekni-Plex, Inc., Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH, Selig Group, Technovinyl Polymers India Ltd., World Bottling Cap, LLC, Danbury Plastics, Manufacture Générale de Joints SAS, Mexichem Specialty Compounds Inc.,

PVC-free packaging: Significance;

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PVC has a high chlorine content which releases toxins, and makes its way up the food chain from animals’ fat. PVC exposure causes exposure to phthalates, which is harmful for human health. As a result, many packaging manufacturers are stressing the production of PVC-free packaging formats.

PVC-free packaging: Key developments and trends

Demand for environment friendly packaging has generated more demand for packaging solutions which are PVC-free

In May 2017, Crown Holdings, Inc. launched a metal closure technology featuring a PVC-compound. The new metal closures are suitable for a wide range of pasteurized and sterilized products such as cooked vegetables. The closures are available with optional features such as spot gloss, gloss, metallic, matte, and embossed. These PVC-free closures are expected to be adopted by many food giants in the future, due to their sustainability.

In April 2017, Evonik Industries AG, which is a Germany-based specialty chemicals developer developed a new generation of heat seal binders for PVC-free packaging, with dairy as the main application area.

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