Natural Humectants Market Impact on the Market over 2025

A group of hygroscopic substances that keep the things moist are humectants. Humectants are classified into synthetic and natural humectants. They are an important ingredient in skin care and hair care products because of their natural property of moisture retention. Natural humectants help to attract water to the surface of the skin and also delivers hydration and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. Natural humectants keep the skin hydrated on regular basis. Natural humectants include aloe Vera, glycerin and sorbitol, honey among others. The major end use and applications of natural humectants include cosmetics, medicines, pesticides, paints and coatings and food industry.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural humectant which penetrates the skin very profoundly. Honey has an ability to hold on to water very naturally, hydrating without an oily feeling. Honey encourages exfoliation as it is has alpha hydroxyl acids in it. Hyaluronic acid seems like a chemical but is a naturally occurring humectant, it is molecule which is present naturally in the body which helps cushion eyeballs, joints and skin. Among the most common natural humectant glycerin occurs in all living cells and it is very easily absorbed into the skin hence used in cosmetics as well. As the texture of glycerin is upto the mark and with perfection for the skincare it also has benefits of deep hydration.

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Natural Humectants Market Segmentation:

The Natural Humectants market can be segmented on the basis of source, end-use and distribution channel.

On the basis of source, the Natural Humectants market can be segmented as organic and conventional.

On the basis of end-use, the Natural Humectants market can be segmented as household and commercial. The commercial segment can be further segmented as food industry and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. The food industry can be further segmented as bakery, confectionary, snacks, ready meals, nutritional powders, cereals and energy bar. It is used in these applications t improve eating quality, moisture control and shelf life.

On the basis of distribution channel, the sprouted wheat flour market can be segmented as directs sales and indirect sales. The indirect sales market can be segmented as store-based retailing and online retail. The store based retailing can be further segmented as modern grocery retail and traditional grocery retail. The modern grocery retail can be segmented as hypermarkets/supermarkets, convenience stores, mom & pop stores and discount stores. The traditional grocery retailing can be further segmented as food & drink specialty, independent small groceries and others.

Natural Humectants Market Drivers:

The changing lifestyle in the developing countries is attracting the growth in cosmetics industry whereas the ever rising demand from developed countries drives the cosmetics market in the similar way. There is a rise in demand of the natural humectants from the pharmaceutical industry as well. Hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant is used for treating osteoarthritis and injected in knees for cure. Sorbitol a very common natural humectant has a wide application in the food industry and is used in sugarless food products as a food additive. This is pushing the use of natural humectants in the food market and is expected to boost the total market growth.

The FDA approval and the changing lifestyle is expected to fuel the market in North America as well. There is a rise in food market because of its moisture holding capacity and less calories. The use of natural humectants in the region of Europe is very limited to use in cosmetics. It is followed by Asia pacific in terms of overall consumption. Though Asia pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for natural humectants.

Natural Humectants market Competitive Environment: The key players manufacturing Natural humectants in the market globally include AOS products, Cargill, Aloevera india, Innova corporate , Contipro , Altergon among others.

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