Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer Market Prevalent Opportunities upto 2026

The people who are not able to digest lactose lead to the production of hydrogen inside the body. Lactose is present in dairy products, lactose is a sugar which is a formed by the combination of galactose and glucose. People who are lactose intolerant can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other stomach related problems. The lactose intolerance is also known as lactose malabsorption, which is not harmful but can lead to uncomfortableness. The deficiency of an enzyme known as lactase is responsible for lactose intolerance, lactase enzyme is present in the small intestine. For treating patients with lactose intolerance, hydrogen breath test analyzer is an innovative product that checks hydrogen formation inside the body.

Increasing Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance

The number of population suffering from lactose intolerance is increasing, and most of them are from the U.S. The lactose intolerance occurs within two hour after the meal which had lactose content. The common sign of lactose intolerance is bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

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Factors Driving the Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer Market

The global market for hydrogen breath test analyzer is driven by increasing number of population suffering from lactose intolerance and increasing lifestyle-related disorders. Continuous health or digestion-related problems increase the demand of hydrogen breath test analyzer to monitor the factors that effect digestion. Convenience of reimbursement scenario for hydrogen breath test analyzer is a preliminary factor increasing penetration of these products in matured markets. However, emerging countries of Asia Pacific region do not have definite guidelines for reimbursement of hydrogen breath test analyzer, which restricts the market growth in Asia Pacific region. Technological advancements in hydrogen breath test analyzer, which make the analyzer more potable and easy to handle are important factors fueling the growth of hydrogen breath test analyzer market.

Importance of Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer in Healthcare

The hydrogen breath test analyzer can be used as non-invasive analyzer to detect hydrogen through breath. The hydrogen breath test analyzer is very helpful to measure hydrogen level as well as bacterial growth in pediatric and also in adults suffering from digestion-related problems. The hydrogen breath test analyzer is segmented as lactose intolerance analyzer, bacterial overgrowth analyzer, fructose intolerance analyzer and glucose intolerance analyzer. Lactose intolerance analyzer segment is expected to grow over the forecast period, as most of the population across the world is suffering from lactose intolerance. Moreover, the awareness towards hydrogen breath test analyzer used for diagnosis is a factor which lead to strong positioning of all the segments in various emerging markets.

Diagnosis at Homecare Settings and Hospitals

Hospitals and home care settings are expected to have maximum share in the market. However, hospitals segment provides remarkable growth opportunities for diagnosis of digestion-related problem as hospitals are present in all the regions. Further, the growing trend for using hydrogen breath analyzer at homecare settings is also the factor that increases the demand for hydrogen breath test analyzer.

Regional Market Outlook

North America will continue to dominate the global market due to the availability of innovative technologies, well developed medical infrastructure and reimbursement scenarios along with high adoption in home care settings. Europe is expected to hold second large market share in the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market due to increasing adoption of hydrogen breath test analyzers by healthcare professional for diagnosis related to gastroenterology. Asia Pacific shows sluggish growth as the medical infrastructures are developing in various countries and diagnosis rate is also slow as compared to other regions. Middle East & Africa show slow growth due to lack of awareness about hydrogen breath test analyzers among healthcare professionals and patients.

Competition Outlook

Examples of some of the key players identified in the global hydrogen breath test analyzer market are QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc., MD Diagnostics Ltd., etc.

Research Methodology

The market sizing of hydrogen breath test analyzer will be done by adoption data triangulation approach. Demand-side approach will be followed to assess the actual market size of hydrogen breath test analyzer. Secondary research will be performed at the initial phase to identify the feasibility of the target products/technology categories and its respective segments, product and service offerings, equipment installed base in end-use facilities, adoption rate and future impact of new technologies. Additionally, per capita consumption of product among end users will be tracked at a granular level to obtain the most accurate information. Each piece of information will be eventually analyzed during the entire research project, which helps build a strong base for the primary research information.

Primary research participants include demand-side respondents such as , Hospitals, home care settings and others as well as key opinion leaders in addition to supply-side respondents such as equipment manufacturers, custom solution and service providers who provide valuable insights on trends, research application of products and technologies, purchasing patterns, services offered and associated pricing.

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