Hessian Sacks Market Impact on the Market over 2028

Hessian Sacks Market: Introduction

Hessian sacks are made up from hessian fabric. Hessian fabric is a tough at the same time flexible material. Hessian Sacks are used to store and transport variety of materials, such as industrial goods and nearly all types of raw agricultural products.

Hessian sacks is also used in the construction and DIY (Do it yourself) trades, building projects such as sandbag walls, and various industries such horticultural, farming and gardening trades for composting or for decorative use. One of the most important factor which is responsible for the growth hessian sacks market is, hessian material is totally natural. They are biodegradable and eco-friendly, this makes them environmentally acceptable. Hessian sacks are durable. This factor is responsible to gain the popularity. Hessian sacks are also reusable and they don’t tear as fast as plastic or paper sacks. Hessian sacks are non-toxic, hydrophilic, and less extensible with high moisture and UV (ultra violet) absorbing capacity. Hessian material has similar properties with cotton and wood.

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Global Hessian Sacks Market: Segmentation

Based on product type, the global hessian sacks market has been segmented as – Twill hessian sacks, Twill hessian sacks, L Twill hessian sacks, W. Flour, Others;

On the basis of end use, the global hessian sacks market has been segmented as – Consumer goods,

Agricultural, Crops, Vegetables, Starchy food, Others, Construction, Others;

Based on region, the global hessian sacks market has been segmented as – North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Middle East & Africa, Japan;

Global Hessian Sacks Market: Research Methodology

The market number for hessian sacks is derived on the basis of both primary and secondary research. Evaluation of the share of various sides hessian sacks suppliers based on material and application through secondary research and data validation through primary interactions. The demand scope of the hessian sacks market is estimated of the basis of penetration of hessian sacks in various application. The production of hessian material is calculated by secondary research. After this, consumption of hessian material for sacks is calculated.

Initially, in-depth secondary research is done to have the idea about overall market size, key industry players, industry associations, etc. Then, in order to conduct expert industry interviews a detailed discussion guide is created. After that a list of hessian sacks players (manufacturers) and hessian sacks industry experts are developed. Interviews are conducted with experts. The data is then analyzed, to find qualitative and quantitative insights about the hessian sacks industry.

hessian sacks market

Global Hessian Sacks Market: Key Developments

In May, 2017, Poly Textiles Limited has launched new brand for hessian sacks, “Hessian Jute Sacks”. Furth more, the company has provided online distribution channel for hessian sacks.

Global Hessian Sacks Market Overview

hessian sacks market01

The above figure shows hessian material production in 2017 by country. The countries India, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam account for 95 % of total production of hessian material.

Global Hessian Sacks Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in the global hessian sacks market are Poly Textiles Limited (Sackman), Cotheeka Jute Industry, Bundaberg Bag Company, Gloster Limited (Gloster Jute Mills Ltd.), J&HM Dickson Ltd, Kankaria Group, The Dharma Door USA., Jones & Cane Packaging, Marktplaats B.V, S. L. packaging private limited, ABS international, Basu Jutex Pvt. Ltd., Mohajan Trade International, Reliance Jute Mills (International) Ltd. The Ganges Mfg. Co. Ltd. and among others.

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