Corrugated Wrap around Market Registering a Strong Growth by 2028

Corrugated Wrap around Market: Introduction

Corrugated wrap around are suitable for automatic production lines, they are also known as wraps. In manufacturing of such boxes, a die cut packaging is formed around the corrugated packaging. These packaging ensure strength and protect products such as tetra pack, bottles or gable tops. Corrugated wrap around provides secure positioning and tightness, act as an ideal solution for contents that required limited vertical compression strength. They are made up of either corrugated board, and provide more cost effective solution than a regular boxes. These boxes can be customizable as per the requirements. Corrugated wrap around is an effective solution for retail industry.

Corrugated wrap around market scenario:

Corrugated wrap around can reduce the amount of corrugated board used by up to 25%-30%. In addition, it provides savings in warehouse space and lower handling cost. Corrugated wrap around are used for the packaging of bottles, cans, jars and various other products. Tightly wrapped cases enhance stacking capacity and help reduce damage caused by goods and products shifting during handling and shipping. For additional strength, partitions can be inserted into the corrugated wrap around. They are increasingly present in retail ready environment.

Also, they provide good printability, so they be used as an effective solution for branding and promotion of products. Corrugated wrap around cases are manufactured with tear strips so they can be transformed from a pack to a point of sale displays in very less time. These cases increase productivity of automated packaging lines compared to regular corrugated boxes. Although online shopping cuts out in-store experience, retailers and brands owners are using corrugated packaging to find new ways to give customers a different shopping experience. These factors are expected to drive the growth of corrugated wrap around market during the forecast period.

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Features and benefits of corrugated wrap around:

Provides high quality printability for excellent product presentation.

Imparts tighter packaging than regular boxes, secure product during transportation and reduces rates of damage.

Helps in increasing sales due to eye-catching presentation.

They are made up of recyclable material, so no harm to environment.

They can be customizable as per the requirements.

This is economical compared to other boxes.

Packaging Process:

The below exhibit represents how corrugated wrap around packaging takes place:

corrugated wrap around market


The corrugated wrap around market is segmented on the basis of board grade, flute type and end use.

On the basis of board grade, the corrugated wrap around market has been segmented as: Kraft paper, Partly/Fully recycled liner paper, Bleached kraft paper, White coated liner, Others;

On the basis of flute type, the corrugated wrap around market has been segmented as: E flute,

B flute, C flute, Others;

On the basis of end use, the corrugated wrap around market has been segmented as: Food & Beverages, Retail, Shipping;

*The pricing analysis can be done on the basis of board grade.

Research Methodology:

corrugated wrap around market01

The sources which have been used to validate the estimated market size include annual reports of key market players, industry journals & magazines, research papers, and other relevant data available in the public domain. Primary sources referred include focused discussions with C level executives, distributors, independent consultants, and key industry experts, among others.

Companies operating in the corrugated wrap around market:

Tier 1 Companies, revenue above US$ 15 Mn: Mondi Group, Smurfit Kappa, DS Smith, Georgia-Pacific LLC, International Paper Co.;

Tier 2 Companies, revenue between US$ 10 Mn to US$ 15 Mn: GWP Group, WestRock Company, Packaging Corporation of America, Easternpak Corrugated Packaging, Unipakline, Planet Paper Box Group Inc., Green Bay Packaging Inc.;

Tier 3 Companies, revenue below 5 Mn: Ragi Packaging Services Pty Ltd, Acme Box Co. Inc., Levine & Sons Corrugated Boxes & Packaging Corp, American Box Company, Great Southern Industries, Inc., CBS Packaging, DE Tech Packaging, Sigilla srl;

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